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Climate Richmond - Virginia

°C | °F
Average high in :475160707886
Average low in :283137465565
Av. precipitation in :3.032.724.023.233.783.9
Days with precipitation:9810101010
Hours of sunshine:172179233261288306
Average high in :908881716151
Average low in :696760483931
Av. precipitation in :4.494.654.092.953.233.23
Days with precipitation:1198789
Hours of sunshine:301278237222183163

Climate data for Richmond, VA - 23274 - 1981-2010 normals - weather

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Richmond weather averages

Annual high temperature:69.5°F
Annual low temperature:48°F
Average temperature:58.75°F
Average annual precipitation - rainfall:43.32 inch
Days per year with precipitation - rainfall:109 days
Annual hours of sunshine:2823 hours
Av. annual snowfall:-

Richmond Climate Graph - Virginia Climate Chart

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Geo Richmond - Virginia

Country:United States
Zip code23274
Altitude - Elevation:
167 feet

Date and Time Richmond - Virginia

Local Time:20:57
Day / Night:Night
Timezone:EST - Eastern Standard Time
Timezone DBAmerica/New_York

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Map of Richmond - Virginia