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Climate New Orleans - Louisiana

°C | °F
Average high in :626572788589
Average low in :454853606874
Av. precipitation in :
Days with precipitation:9886712
Hours of sunshine:151163220252279273
Average high in :919187807264
Average low in :757572635347
Av. precipitation in :5.986.15.123.544.495.28
Days with precipitation:13139779
Hours of sunshine:257251228241171158

Climate data for New Orleans, LA - 70112 - 1981-2010 normals - weather

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New Orleans weather averages

Annual high temperature:78°F
Annual low temperature:61.1°F
Average temperature:69.55°F
Average annual precipitation - rainfall:62.45 inch
Days per year with precipitation - rainfall:108 days
Annual hours of sunshine:2644 hours
Av. annual snowfall:-

New Orleans Climate Graph - Louisiana Climate Chart

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Geo New Orleans - Louisiana

Country:United States
CityNew Orleans
Zip code70112
Altitude - Elevation:
3 feet

Date and Time New Orleans - Louisiana

Local Time:11:33
Day / Night:Day
Timezone:CST - Central Standard Time
Timezone DBAmerica/Chicago

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Map of New Orleans - Louisiana